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AETRIFEST 2019: Inter-Schools Annual Cultural Festival, Festival of Hope for the Girl-Child.

Updated: Sep 19, 2020


The Girl Child in Nigeria is deliberately discouraged to obtain the Western Education owing to the fact that after educating them, they would eventually end up as housewife to some men, with their place only in the kitchen, bedroom, and for bringing forth children. The northern part of Nigeria most especially the North East and North West has the highest number of out of schoolgirl. It constitutes about 85% of out of school girls in the entire country. Rather than getting their girls educated, the parents of Girl Child in the Northern part of Nigeria prefer them to hawk food items and the proceeds from their hawking kept safe for them, to be used in buying them some housewares if they eventually get married. This age-long tradition has persisted.

The African Ethics and Theatre Reformation Initiative organized a program for the Girl Child tagged “OUR CULTURE, THE GIRL CHILD AND THE FUTURE” which flagged off in the North with over twenty secondary schools in attendance and the aim is to continuously encourage the Girl Child Education.


Women’s Education ss of Significant Importance, still, Thousands of Girls Face the Gender Inequality in Education Today!

Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of human rights stated that every human being has a right to education. This means, regardless the nationality, race, religion, or gender all people should have equal opportunity to peruse education.

Unfortunately, not everywhere this fundamental human right is functioning. In many countries and societies, women are this or that way deprived of the opportunity to study. It’s a well-known fact that illiterate people are easier to control. With the lack of opportunity for education, several women and girls around the globe are discriminated against, violated, and never taught to speak up against that violation of their fundamental human rights.

It’s quite obvious why one of the essential goals of women’s empowerment is fighting against gender inequality in education. The aim is reaching equal opportunities for both boys and girls, men and women to study, educate themselves based on their individual abilities, and never based on gender!

A woman that is deprived of education is deprived of self-protection! Education is a broad term, the first and the most important stage is elementary education, which provides people with a decent literacy level. In different societies, depending on the level of conservatism, women are being discriminated against and not given an opportunity to either peruse higher education or get literate at all. Some people justify their discrimination with their beliefs, traditions, and religion.

The female education and correspondingly female labor is highly underestimated in some areas of the world. For example, in sub-Saharan Africa, South and West Asia. The problem lays not only in the lack of financial resources and bad living conditions but also in stereotypes ruling in those areas. For instance, in Nigeria, the universal primary competition succeeds for rich boys; however, the picture is not the same in the case of poor girls. The further development and the progress of countries like Nigeria will be impeded as long as gender inequality in education is the ruling problem of the country.

Women’s education doesn’t only mean a victory in principle ideas and moral values. Well, somehow it is. However, women’s education brings with itself a glimpse of fresh air and guarantees the further economic progress of the world.

An educated woman will have a voice in her society and will never be scared to raise her opinion or disagreement on various issues. Educated women and girls have a great impact on the world economy as well. The fostering factors of unemployment are the lack of education. In many countries, the rated number of female unemployment is incomparably higher than male unemployment. In the Arabic world, for instance, about 20% of working-age women hold jobs. A great number of women prefer early marriages.


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