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AETRIFEST 2018 African Ethics and Theatre Reformation Initiative Inter-Schools Annual Cultural Fest

Updated: Sep 19, 2020


The Girl Child in Nigeria is deliberately discouraged to obtain the Western Education owing to the fact that after educating them, they would eventually end up as housewife to some men, with their place only in the kitchen, bedroom, and for bringing forth children. The northern part of Nigeria most especially the North East and North West has the highest number of out of schoolgirl. It constitutes about 85% of out of school girls in the entire country. Rather than getting their girls educated, the parents of Girl Child in the Northern part of Nigeria prefer them to hawk food items and the proceeds from their hawking kept safe for them, to be used in buying them some housewares if they eventually get married. This age-long tradition has persisted.

The African Ethics and Theatre Reformation Initiative organized a program for the Girl Child tagged “OUR CULTURE, THE GIRL CHILD AND THE FUTURE” which flagged off in the North with over twenty secondary schools in attendance and the aim is to continuously encourage the Girl Child Education.


Education is the right of every girl everywhere also the key to transforming both the life of the girl and the life of her community.

Girls without education are denied the opportunity to develop their full potential and to play a productive and equal role in their families, their societies, their country, and their world at large. One of the most important tools available to empower women within the family and within society is education. In addition, educating girls has cascading benefits.

Literate and educated women are less likely to die in childbirth; more likely to have smaller, healthier, and better-educated families; and better able to protect their families and themselves from HIV/AIDS, trafficking, and other forms of violence. Despite all these facts, in the Northern state of Nigeria girls continue to be locked out of School and locked into inequality due to cultural traditions and practice of the parents. The Cultural and Societal obstacles that girls face in the Northern State are huge. Other barriers to quality Education include.

Poverty, Poor quality education, Child labor, Child trafficking, HIV/AIDS, Remote geographic location, Inadequate infrastructure, Discrimination, Mother’s lack of education civil inflict, Natural disasters, and Violence. United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan (2005) has clearly identified girl’s education as an urgent development priority for the entire UN system where he is reported to have said that:

“If we are to succeed in our efforts to build a healthier, more peaceful, and equitable world, classrooms must be full of girls as well as boys. By educating girls, we will help raise economic productivity and reduce both maternal, and infant mortality. By educating girls, we will improve nutrition, promote health, and fight HIV/AIDS. By educating girls, we will trigger a transformation of society as a whole—social, economic, and political.


The target beneficiaries of this project were youth/students and stakeholders in the city of Kaduna State in Nigeria.


· Drama, Traditional Dance,

· Children Painting,

· Traditional Fashion Parade,

· Arts Craft Exhibition

· Workshop

· Essay writing competition

· Debate



The main objectives of the festival are:

· To build the capacity of participants in addressing issues on moral values and ethical conduct using non-violence approaches.

· To expose participants to the negative impact of Violence Against the Girl Child such as Rape, Sexual Harassment, Prostitution, Child Labor, Child Trafficking and Early Marriage

· To build knowledge of participants on HIV/AIDS for increased awareness and prevention

· To expose participants to the negative effects of Discrimination of the Girl-Child to enable them to fight against it

· To create awareness on the Rights and Responsibilities of Students/School Managements for peaceful coexistence amongst them.


AETRI thought it necessary to embark on a campaign and sensitization to Private and Public Secondary Schools in Kaduna State to Create Awareness within the youth on issues that affect the Girl-Child and Human Rights related issues via a cultural festival that will bring different Schools together to participate in competitive events with a central theme ‘’CULTURAL EXHIBITION AND THE CRITICAL PLACE FOR GIRL-Child EDUCATION’’.

Events such as Drama, Traditional Dance, Children Painting, Traditional Fashion Parade, Arts Craft Exhibition and Traditional Carnival as well as a Workshop was presented during the (3) three day School Cultural Festival,

As shown below, this displayed the impact of Violence against Women and the Girl-Child among others.

Furthermore, these initiatives were explored by using various competitive events at the AETRIFEST 2018, to curb the menace and bring hope to the Girl Child, Youth and our Women especially


The festival was a non-residential activities and large auditorium capacity awareness. It was conducted in collaboration with—

· the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Kaduna States

· The National Orientation Agency

· Nation Aid Control Agency/Kaduna State Aids control Agency

· Federation of Women Lawyers

· Nigerian union of journalist


1. The Capacity of participants built in addressing issues on moral values and ethical conducts using non-violence approaches.

2. Participants have a good understanding of the negative impact of Violence against the Girl Child such as Rape, Sexual harassment, Prostitution, Child labor and Child Trafficking,

3. It Increased knowledge of participants on HIV/AIDS and prevention

4. Participants exposed to the negative effects of Discrimination on the Girl-Child.

5. Increase Participant’s awareness on the Rights and Peaceful Coexistence.

6. Scholarship on ICT were giving to overall winner and running up of AETRIFEST2018, one student from each Secondary School by Khemsafe Institute of Information Technology.

7. Three Students that participated in AETRIFEST2018 debate were selected to be member of Kaduna State debate team

8. There is highly academic contest going on between the Public and Private Secondary Schools after the AETRIFEST2018 Debate competition.

9. Some Students became AETRI Ambassadors in various Universities in Nigeria, majored on Theatre Arts

10. There is now a good relationship between the Public School and Private Schools


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